The new, Ottawa based, China Policy Centre

will develop as a centre of excellence on China’s public policy.


The CPC will work to better understand and address the important economic, diplomatic, commercial, environmental, labour, national security and global governance questions and opportunities that China’s global positon present globally and to Canada.

The CPC also intends to fill a need in Canada for a forum that can conduct objective research and co-ordinate discussion about key policy issues related to China. Its activities and mandate will focus on issues impacting contemporary China and its global rise by providing analysis and public policy options on how to improve Canada‘s overall understanding and engagement with China.


By curating research from global experts with peer input from existing think tanks, government, media, industry associations, businesses and NGOs, the CPC will develop objective, public policy-focused, fact-based analysis to help decision-makers in the public and private sectors.The CPC will also provide actionable knowledge about China to key Canadian decision-makers, the media, public policy-focused organizations and the public.


To affect positive Canadian outcomes, the CPC will make its data-driven research available to the Government of Canada, all interested provincial governments, industry associations, public policy think tanks, the media and key Canadian stakeholders. The CPC will co-ordinate its efforts with those of similar organizations, societies and individuals in Canada, China and elsewhere.

The CPC will also develop programmes over time to work with Chinese governmental, academic and private institutions in areas of mutual policy interest. In addition, the CPC will support enhanced cultural understanding between Canada and China as a tool to be used in promoting a better public policy framework.